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A Wiki of articles from the New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge (1910), an invaluable reference for church history and biography.

Editing this Wiki

Please feel free to join the Wiki, and add articles from New Schaff-Herzog:

  • Please do not use any formatted text from any other site without gaining permission.
  • Do not alter the wording of the article. Due to the difficulty of reproducing the pronunciations shown after proper names at the head of articles, these may be omitted.
  • Please follow the formatting style used in the sample article, Liutprand of Cremona.
  • The article name should be the full name (usually as given in New Schaff-Herzog, but consider using the same article name as in a corresponding article in English-language Wikipedia - and feel free to add a link at the bottom, as I have done in the Liutprand article).
  • In creating article names, PLEASE re-order the name so it can be found easily in phrase searches i.e. "John Bunyan", not "Bunyan, John". Leave "BUNYAN, JOHN" as the first text in the body of the article.